How it all began!

I have wanted to be a photographer for as long as I can remember, "A photographer?! I thought you were a Candle Maker" I hear you say!!

I got a photography degree from Hereford College of Arts and graduated in 2013, since then I have traveled the world with my camera and have photographed over 50 weddings! I absolutely love photography and it always will be my first love.

In March 2020 the UK went into its first lock down, "Hellooo Rona!!" All of my weddings for 2020 were postponed. With lack of government support things didn’t look good for the wedding industry. I took a 3-4 month break from photography (I didn't really have a choice) and then I decided to mix things up a little bit. I started doing mini-sessions. Restrictions had been lifted and things were going swimmingly! We (my husband and I) did confetti field mini sessions, sunflower field sessions, pumpkin patch sessions, and then 1 week before our Christmas sessions were planned to go ahead our 2nd lock down started! I was so annoyed, well everyone was! I’d already shaped my business once and now again I was having to rethink my strategies. This past year has made small businesses stronger than ever!!

Alongside my photography business I was also working in a hospital, I’d been there for 5 years and had eventually found myself working in the medical photography department which I thought was going to be my dream job! I was sooooo wrong! I loved the work, it was extremely interesting and I got to see some of the incredible ...sights?? I'm not sure thats the correct terminology! The environment I worked in was toxic. I was very unhappy and alone and eventually I was made redundant, being made redundant from the NHS during a pandemic was unheard of, surely!? But it make me take a HUGE risk!

On Bonfire night 2020, Cherry Tree Candle Company was born! I made a candle once as a gift and now I was starting a business making candles!!! A crazy jump but no one gets anywhere being in their comfort zone.

Running a business full time has been a huge learning curve! I learnt a completely new skill that I never thought I’d be able to love as much as my photography, but here we are, fully self-employed, and living the business dream.